Dance Team Holiday Schedule

Please note: The Dance Team holiday schedule may differ from the studio’s weekly class holiday schedule.

Dance Team WILL NOT rehearse the following Sundays:

•Sunday, November 27th: Thanksgiving Weekend

•Sunday, December 4th:
Wentzville Holiday Parade

•Sunday, December 25th:
Christmas Day

•Sunday, January 1st :
New Year’s Day

•Sunday, February 5th:
Super Bowl Sunday

•Sunday, March 19th:
Spring Break
(Note: We WILL have rehearsal on Sunday, March 26th)

•Sunday, March 12th
Competition weekend

•Sunday, May 7th
Competition weekend

All other Sundays will rehearse as scheduled.


2016/2017 Starz Competition Team

Introducing the 2016/2017 Starz Dance Team


Bailey Behrens, Emma Busken, Emily Campion, Lydia Cella, Emerson Cicotte,  Allison Coil, Faith Creelman, Abby Currant, Ava Conway, Grace Daues, Kenzie Eastvold, Aly Evans, Hannah Farmer, Rylea Gilbert, Lexi Hall, Gracyn Harris, Kylie Harris, Megan Harris, Anabella Heintzelman, Victoria Heintzelman, Adirah Hepperman, Mireya Heppermann, Lauren Hetz, Lillian Hetz, Maddie Heuser, Faith Hookerman, Kaylee Hume, Maggie Huster, Olivia Jasper, Sofia Jasper, Lacy Juedemann, Kylia Kasten, Clare Kiely, Emma Kilgore, Katanna Kortkamp, Kendall Kortkamp, Quinn Lockey, Layla Martell, Isabella Mason, Alicia McConachie, Jessica Messer, Julia Messer, Shannon McDaniel, Mia Millican, Makel Mouser, Gabe Mueller, Jackelyn Mueller,  Megan Mueller, Anna Nielsen, Kate Paddock, Alaire Palmer, Olivia Perry, Olivia Pitman, Elle Pruss, Abbey Purtell, Chloe Purtell, Lilly Purtell, Lindsay Ortell, Riley Reynolds, Faith Roskowski, Bella Sassmann, Sydney Schlup,  Alysa Schoolcraft, Alayna Seabaugh, Hannah Shorts, Sydney Shrum, Bailey Simmons, Maggie Simmons, Gracie Simone, Libby Thornton, Kendall Thurman, Grace Wenger,  Dani Wesling, Iyona Westbrooks, Lillian Wilson, Tate Wilson, Claire Wittmus, Leighton Wunderlich, Hannah Yingling


“My Immortal” – Ms. Michelle 1:00-1:30

“Party”- Ms. Michelle 1:30-2:15

“Jailhouse Rock” – Ms. Michelle 2:15-3:00

“Cruisin For A Bruisin” – Ms. Michelle 3:00-3:30

“Lullaby” – Ms. Michelle 3:30-4:00

“Girls From The Block” – Ms. Michelle 4:00-4:30

“Hanging Tree” – Ms. Colleen 4:00-4:30

“Let’s Get Loud” – Ms. Mary 4:30-5:00

“World On Fire” – Ms. Colleen 4:30-5:00

“Sound The Alarm” – Ms. Andrea 5:00-5:30

“Trouble” – Ms. Colleen 5:00-5:30

“Swing With Me” – Ms. Mary 5:30-6:00

“Bom Bom” – Ms. Andrea 5:30-6:00

“Fired Up” – Ms. Andrea 6:00-6:30

“River Deep, Mountain High” – Ms. Mary 6:00-6:30

“Get Low” – Ms. Mary 6:30-7:00

“Heartburn” – Ms. Andrea 6:30-7:00

“Trouble With My Baby” – Ms. Andrea 7:00-7:30

“Where They From” – Ms. Mary 7:00-7:30

“Candy Man” – Ms. Mary 7:30-8:00

“TBD” – Ms. Christa/Ms. Michelle Rehearses Thursday 6:45-7:30

TOP: Bright Pink (studio pink) sports bra, leotard or camisole

(Ages 5-11) Black booty shorts with tan tights
(Ages 12 +) Full length black leggings

We are looking forward to another amazing season!


Angie’s Starz Dance Team Information

TOP: Bright Pink (studio pink) sports bra, leotard or camisole

(Ages 5-11) Black booty shorts with tan tights
(Ages 12 +) Full length black leggings

COST: $20.00 per month, Oct.-May, for EACH group competition routine you participate in plus a one time $10 Dance Team Fee.  This fee includes choreography, competition rehearsals and instructor time spent during auditions, competitions etc… The monthly fee has been broken down and divided into 8 monthly payments. This fee is to be added to your monthly tuition, starting the first of October and paid through May. (April and May fees are combined and due April 1st.) The one time $10 dance team fee is also to be paid Oct. 1. Competition entry fees and costume fees are separate. Competition entre fees can range from $45-$60 per group dance depending on the competition. Solos, duets, trios or any other specialty competition routine is also a separate charge. There are times we have guest choreographers come in to teach routines. If your routine has a guest choreographer, there may be an additional fee to cover the cost of the choreographer.

 Private Lesson Fee per student, per lesson, for students who would like to do solos, duets or trios                                                                                                                                                 ½hr lesson – 1 student/$30  2 students/$15  3 students/$10  4+ students/$8                     45min – 1 hr lesson – 1 student/$40  2 students/$20  3 students/$15  4+students/$10 Choreography Fee per student. (This is an additional fee for private lessons if the instructor is choreographing a routine for you. This is a one time fee per choreographed routine and must be paid before the first private lesson) 1 student/$50 2 students/$35 3 students/$30 4 students/$25 5+ students/$20 The choreography fee must be paid by the first class and each private lesson fee must be paid before each rehearsal. Payment is to be made to Angie’s Studio. You must sign in on the sheet in the office before each rehearsal private lesson.

If you have any questions regarding competition pricing or your balance, please contact the office at


During the dance team year we will offer 2 to 3 opportunities to compete or perform at a high end level. The 2-3 regional competitions are mandatory. The traveling national competition or performance opportunity, is offered every other year, and is optional. Please Note…In order to take a routine to a national competition we will need to have a high enough score at regionals and have enough students from that routine choose to attend in order to meet the criteria. Those students traveling to Nationals or the Performance Opportunity, will continue classes and payments during the summer up until the date of the event. There will also be optional local performance opportunities throughout the season.

March 10-12 (All groups, solos, duos & trios.) Platinum National Dance Competition, Scottish Rite, Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO

May 5-7 (All groups, solos, duos & trios.) Tribute Dance, Missouri Baptist University, One College Park Drive Saint Louis, MO 63141-8698

May 18-21 (Solos, duos & trios only.) Starquest, Gateway Center, One Gateway Drive. Collinsville, IL 62234

Dates for the optional performance opportunities throughout the season we may choose to participate in will be posted as they become available. Liberty Belles Showcase, Wentzville’s Wabash Days, Wentzville’s Fourth of July Parade, Holt H.S. Exhibition, Wentzville October Fest, Cardinal Game, Riverfront Dance Festival, Dance St. Louis etc…

COSTUMES: $60 per costume, per routine. Costume payment is due by November 15th.You may make payments before this date if you choose. We will let you know if we are going to re-use a costumes when we send out the audition invitation.

SHOES: Once costumes are selected we will let you know the style, brand and color of shoes you will need for each routine. The type of shoe may not be the same as your weekly class and must be purchased by the end of October.

PROPS: There may be a small charge if props are going to be used for a dance. (About $10 – $20 per student) TEAM JEWELRY / ACCESSORIES: Required to be purchased through studio. Earrings and Fishnet tights (the fishnet are only required for some routines.) Each item runs between $5-$15 (We may also add jewelry pieces if the costume calls for it.) Earrings and fishnet tights are the same as last year, so if you still have yours you don’t need to purchase new. (You will now purchase your own eyelashes.)

MAKE-UP: The Starz Dance Team wears specific make-up and eyelashes to match on stage. This list will be released at the start of the season. To keep things affordable items can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc


DANCE TEAM EXPECTATIONS: You are expected to be ON TIME, already stretched in proper attire, have proper shoes and be ready to work hard at all rehearsals! If you do need to miss you must text or e-mail Ms. Andrea and the instructor of the class ahead of time. No one is allowed to miss the 2 weeks prior to a competition unless it has been approved by the instructor! We do not know the exact time or day each routine will be competing. You must be available each date that is listed. If we are not notified at the beginning of the dance season you will possibly be missing a competition, you may be asked to sit out the remainder competitions. No refunds on competition fees after the required paid date. You are allowed to miss 2 rehearsals throughout the entire season. IF YOU ARE ABSENT OR LATE TO MORE THAN 2 REHEARSALS YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED A $30 FEE. THE INSTRUCTOR MAY REQUEST FOR YOU TO TAKE A PRIVATE LESSON IN WHICH THE $30 WOULD COVER THE COST OF THE PRIVATE LESSON. It is not fair to those who do arrive on time, prepared and present each week. We use every minute of rehearsal time to prepare for competition, so if you miss any of that time, you miss out on important details. PLEASE REMEMBER – THIS IS A COMPETITION TEAM. IT IS A HIGHER LEVEL OF COMMITMENT. WE ALL MUST WORK TOGETHER TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

We are looking forward to continuing our amazing success this competition season!

Thank you, Ms. Andrea, Ms. Angie, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Colleen,  Ms. Mary & Ms. Christa

Andrea Paxton –

SNEAK PEAK- Looking ahead to the 2017/2018 season:

Summer of 2018 – Festival at Sea 4 day Cruise Performance Opportunity!!!! – Departing from New Orleans and porting in Cozumel, Mexico. This will be in place of attending Nationals. This is not a competition so there will be no competition fees. This is a performance opportunity. Students will rehearse in the morning and be free to have fun the rest of the day. They will perform for the entire ship in their luxurious 2000 seat theater. All family and friends traveling with Angie’s Studio will be invited to a celebration party for the group. Four gourmet meals per day and all tips on board are included. Prices can range from $450- $700 per person depending on the dates and cabin size. We are hoping to travel over Memorial Day weekend of 2018. We will not know if this date will be available until fall of 2017 but plan to travel in the months of May-Aug. We are giving you the information at this time so that everyone can start planning now! This will be a great opportunity for the kids and fun in the sun for all!!!