We wanted to let you know of a few extra competition opportunities Platinum is offering.

TITLE COMPETITION: All solo dancers are eligible and considered for Title Awards for the Title Competition at no extra fee.

IMPROV COMPETITION: Platinum is offering an Improv competition. The time slot for Angie’s Studio students
is Friday, March 12th at the end of our time block, approximately 6:00 PM. Our studio adjudication awards will immediately follow. You will register for the Improv Competition at Retail on the day of. You will NOT register through the studio. They will announce winners at the final awards ceremony on Sunday on their livestream. The list of possible songs for the Improv Competition can be found on their Spotify account, search “Platinum National Dance Competition”. Minis will be considered Petites for the Improv Competition. The entry fee is $30.00. If you won a free improv entry at the Platinum Convention, you may use that certificate as payment.

PHOTOGENIC AND COSTUME ENTRIES: Photogenic and costume entries are to be entered the day of competition only. You will NOT register through the studio. The photograph can be any size, color or black and white. You will fill out an entry form at the registration table when you check in the day of competition. Please submit a photograph that can be kept by the Platinum Directors. Photogenic entries will receive a score sheet that can be picked up at the Emcee station at the conclusion of competition. If the photograph wins, it will be used in the Nationals Program Books.The entry fee for each is $30.00.

PLATINUM APP: With the Platinum App you have access to the schedule and it offers real time performance updates. You can also find out more information about the staff and judges for your event, restaurants in your area, post pictures from the event and view the results. Another feature is the “Viewer’s Choice” Award. This award is exclusive to the App and this is where you will vote for your favorite routine from the event. To get the APP, download “DanceComp Genie Events” then choose “Platinum National Dance Competition” and the event you will be attending.