Hello All,
It’s almost time to take the stage for our final competition of the season! We made it! 🙂
This e-mail includes pertinent information regarding the upcoming Legacy competition including the final performance schedule.
Legacy Dance ChampionshipsSaturday, Sept 12th, 20201 Convention Center PlazaSaint Charles, MO  63303
All Angie’s Studio routines will run within the same block of time on Saturday, September 12th during Set 3. We are not allowed to enter the building more than 30 minutes prior to our studio session. All students should arrive dressed and ready to perform for their first routine no earlier or later than 1:30 PM.There will be a dressing room available for students to change for additional numbers. 
Masks are to be worn by all participants and all spectators at ALL times unless performing on stage. Social distancing is advised for audience seating. The students are not required to wear masks while on stage but will be required to wear their mask until heading backstage. We recommend bringing a plastic Ziploc bag with your child’s name written on it for safe keeping during routines.  (If you choose to take photos in the lobby or indoors, masks will be required.)
Please keep in mind we must adhere to all guidelines at all times. We do not want to jeopardize our participation with Legacy.  

Admission is free. We are allowed to bring only 3 spectators per student. Legacy will be live streaming the entire competition on its home page. The live stream will start on the homepage once the event begins. https://www.legacydancechampionships.com/

MANDATORY WAIVER:The following link is a “smartwaiver” that everyone must sign (if over 18, under 18 guardian signatures will be required) to attend or participate. This can/should be accomplished before arriving at America’s Center. Once this waiver is signed, you will receive a digital copy via e-mail. For faster check-in, you can show the confirmation e-mail upon arrival. https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5f4ea53d9a8fe/web/
All performers and spectators will have their temperature taken at the door. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or more will be refused entrance. 

PARKING:Parking is free in the Convention Center lot. 

They will have programs for sale at the boutique for anyone interested.
Arrival Time –1:30 PMUnder The Lights #61 – 2:00
Impossible #62 – 2:05Instruction #63 – 2:08Work This Body #64 – 2:11The Nicest Kids In Town #65 – 2:14Arms Open #66 – 2:17Dear Future Husband #67 – 2:20The Chain #68 – 2:23Shelter In The Storm #69 – 2:26Waking Up Slow #70 – 2:29Long Lost Child #71 – 2:33You Are The Reason #72 –2:36Hey Baby #73 – 2:39Shake It Off #74 – 2:42Commander #75 – 2:45Head Above Water #76 – 2:48Sissy That Walk #77 – 2:51Bring It #78 – 2:54Me! #79 – 2:57Move It #80 – 3:00Friend Like Me #81 – 3:04Sing With A Swing #82 – 3:07Wild Wild Party #83 – 3:10Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend #84 – 3:13 Hit The Road Jack #85 – 3:16What They Say #86 – 3:19How Will I Know #87 – 3:22Summer Delight #88 – 3:25Chain Reaction #89 – 3:28Girl Power #90 – 3:31 Move #91 – 3:35Here We Go Now #92 – 3:38 Cardi B #93 – 3:41BREAK 3:44Little Mix #94 – 3:49Womanizer #95 – 3:52 Better Work #96 – 3:55Tribe Up #97 – 3:58Umbrella #98 – 4:01My Boyfriends Back #99 – 4:04Brave #100 – 4:07Can Can #101 – 4:11Bailar #102 – 4:14Rather Be #103 – 4:17Someone In The Crowd #104 – 4:20 Home #105 – 4:23Perfect Young Ladies #106 – 4:26 Americano #107 – 4:29Stone Cold #108 – 4:32I Want To Go Paree #109 – 4:35The Way You Make Me Feel #110 – 4:38 Rainbow #111 – 4:42Under Siege #112 – 4:45BREAK 4:48Azukita #113 – 4:53Let’s Go Now #114 – 4:56The End Of The Line #115 – 4:59Instead #116 – 5:02River #117 – 5:05Yours #118 – 5:08Beautiful Thing #119 – 5:11Dem Beats #120 – 5:14She Used To Be Mine #121 – 5:17
Adjudication Awards – 5:20 PM
Final Awards 5:45 PM
AWARDS:Our individual adjudication awards will take place immediately following our studio session, which will be approximately 5:20 PM. Our students will be able to sit on stage during this adjudication process. There will then be an additional final awards ceremony starting approximately 5:45 PMWe will find out if we’ve won any overall high point division awards at this time. Only one student per routine will be allowed to sit on stage per routine for the final awards. We will determine who is picking up each award through a drawing process and will contact you before the competition to let you know if your child has been selected. The awards ceremony is optional. You are welcome to leave after your final performance, although we’d love for everyone to participate if possible. 
Due to the fast-paced nature of our session, instructors may not have time to review each routine before they take the stage. We suggest students practice their numbers independently upon arrival.
Photo & Video RulesPlease let your students & parents know that photography or videotaping of any kind at Legacy events is strictly prohibited. This is done to protect their children and your work.  Your cooperation & assistance in policing these matters are needed. We will deduct points from offending studios.Here is a link to their photo/video package options:https://www.legacydancechampionships.com/video
Attached is a link to view the full Covid-19 guidelines from the Legacy website. I’ve also included additional details they provided in our e-mail. Please review carefully!!

Thank you,Dance Team Faculty 🙂
Building Entry & Entry Times:We are very serious about not allowing anyone in the building more than 30 minutes prior to your “time block” start time. Please make sure your parents & dancers are aware of this. ANYONE with a temperature reading of 100.4 degrees or above will not be allowed in the facility. 
Saturday 9/12Set 3: Doors Open at 1:30 pm & set begins at 2:00 pm   (Up to 3 spectators per dancer allowed. All dancers will be permitted on stage for adjudication awards).
Final Awards: Doors open at 5:30pm & Awards begin at 5:45pm (225 Spectators Max. Soloists & team captains from each duet/trio & group permitted on stage for awards.)
GuidelinesMasks are mandatory and social distancing MUST be practiced when not on stage. Dancers are asked to leave their masks somewhere clean & safe before heading backstage. We recommend anyone in a “high risk” category stay home. We are live streaming, so the entire event can be viewed from the safety of home. The livestream will be posted on the Legacy home page. Masks & social distancing are NOT required on stage. If a group is comfortable with each other & their parents are okay with it, physical contact on stage is permitted. Please refer to the COVID guidelines posted on our website. Remember that we will also be limiting attendance for the SAFETY of ALL.
Performance ScheduleWe pride ourselves in staying on time.  Please have your dancers ready at least 30 minutes before their scheduled start time. You should arrive at the center warmed up & in your 1st costume if possible. We expect dancers to be ready and on time following the order of the schedule.