We wanted to send a reminder of the following Dance Team rules. We will begin enforcing these rules/fees this Sunday, October 6th.
*Proper Dress Code: Solid colored pink camisole/tank, solid colored pink sports bra or solid colored pink leotard with black booty shorts and tan tights.Senior/Combo 5 students are to wear black leggings. Proper shoes are to be worn for the genre rehearsing and hair is to be up. No T-Shirts!!!  If proper attire is not worn there will be an automatic $10 charge added to your invoice. 
*ABSENTEENO MORE THAN 2 ABSENCES ARE ALLOWED DURING THE ENTIRE DANCE TEAM SEASON. Excused absences include a pre-approved absence, injury with doctor’s note, funeral, sickness with high fever or stomach flu. If you are injured or feeling a bit under the weather we still expect to see you present for class to sit and observe.
If you will be absent A PARENT MUST text or e-mail Ms. Andrea (Not Ms. Angie, a teacher or classmate) BEFORE YOUR FIRST CLASS. If A PARENT does not text or e-mail Ms. Andrea PRIOR to the missed class there will be a $10 no show/no contact fee added to your invoice. 
636/578-3579 or stcbelieverfever@aol.com. Please note: Telling another instructor or student does not count as contact.
We appreciate your cooperation!
Thank you,
Dance Team Faculty Blush