We are coming to the end of Fundraising season. If you are not interested in participating in the fundraiser you may disregard this e-mail.

This fundraiser will run Sunday, January 20th – Sunday, February 3rd. All orders/money are due no later than Sunday, February 3rd. Forms will be available to pick up this week in Studio A and Studio C starting 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 20th. Or you can get a jump start using the on-line sales option. (If the following link doesn’t open you can copy/paste into your browser.)

Andoro’s Pizza Fundraiser
This fundraiser includes an on-line sales option, which has a Pizza Meter to help keep track of sales. To utilize the Pizza Meter fully, all orders should be processed online, so we recommend you collect all money from brochure sales, and process their orders online. You can pay with credit card or PayPal. If this is not possible, you can enter your Offline Brochure Order, by hovering over the “Brochure” tab at the top of the website and click on “Offline Order Form”. Login and Password are set to “Admin”. There is a box you can check at the top right corner of the paper brochure to let us know you’ve entered your sales on-line. You will also have access to check your online totals. Go to http://angies.andoropizza.com/team-export/ .Password is Pizza (case sensitive.) Then look to see if there have been any sales turned in for your name.

If you choose NOT to utilize the on-line tool……Cash or check will be accepted. PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME ND FUNDRAISER IN THE MEMO SECTION OF EACH CHECK. Checks can be made out to Angie’s Studio.

Here is an e-mail from Andoro’s you can send to friends & family to help promote on-line sales:

Angie’s Dance Online Pizza Fundraiser
Thank you for supporting Angie’s Dance Studio! Please visit our website to make purchases to support our group. I get individual credit for sales, so please make sure you put my name under person you are sponsoring.
Our fundraiser is supported through the Andoro & Sons Pizza Company. Andoro & Sons Pizza is a local, family run company, established in 1956. They are known for their St. Louis Style Provel and Mozzarella Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas.
It includes ‘The Best of the Best of St. Louis.’ Items include products from Federhofer’s Bakery, Fazio’s Bakery, P’sghetti’s Pasta & Bread. There are plenty of sweets to go along too.
Please place your order at http://www.angies.andoropizza.com before our fundraiser ends on 2019-2-03, to make sure the order processes, and you get your delivery! Please note, items are NOT SHIPPED. All online orders are delivered by who you are supporting. It is very IMPORTANT to enter the name of person during checkout of who you would like to get credit for your purchases.
Andoro & Sons famous motto is ‘Tasting is Believing!’ We appreciate your support much.