Angie’s Studio 2018/19 Starz Dance Team

Informational Meeting & Auditions – Sunday, Aug. 26 Times TBD                                           Mandatory Team Rehearsal Begin – Sunday Sept. 9 Times TBD

COST: $198 total per each group dance competed. This is broken down into 9 payments at $22.00 per month, Sept-May. Plus a one time $10 Dance Team Fee per EACH group routine you compete. The $10 fee is due by the first rehearsal and the total cost of team can be paid up front if you choose. (April and May fees are combined and due April 1st.)

Competition entry fees and costume fees are separate. Competition entre fees can range from $45-$60 per group dance depending on the competition. Solos, duets, trios or any other private lesson competition routine is also a separate charge. There are times we have guest choreographers come in to teach routines. If your routine has a guest choreographer, there may be an additional fee to cover the cost of the choreographer. (Fundraising opportunities are provided throughout the year to defer the cost of competition fees)

Private Lesson Fee per student, per lesson, for students who would like to do solos, duets, trios etc…
½hr lesson – 1 student/$32  2 students/$16  3 students/$10  4+ students/$8

45min Lesson–1 hr Lesson – 1 student/$42  2 students/$20  3 students/$15  4+students/$10

Choreography Fee per student. (This is an additional fee for private lessons if the instructor is choreographing a routine for you. This is a onetime fee per choreographed routine and must be paid before the first private lesson)

1 student/$50 2 students/$35  3 students/$30    4 students/$25     5+ students/$20.

The choreography fee must be paid by the first class and each private lesson fee must be paid before each rehearsal. Payment is to be made to Angie’s Studio. You must sign in on the sheet in the office before each rehearsal private lesson.

Questions pertaining to your account, please contact the office –

COMPETITION/PERFORMANCE: During the dance team year we will offer 2 to 3 opportunities to compete or perform at a high end level. The 2-3 regional competitions are mandatory. The traveling national competition or performance opportunity, is offered every other year, and is optional. Please Note…In order to take a routine to a national competition we will need to have a high enough score at regionals and have enough students from that routine choose to attend in order to meet the criteria. Those students traveling to Nationals or the Performance Opportunity, will continue classes and payments during the summer up until the date of the event. There are also optional local performance opportunities throughout the season and the team performs throughout all recital shows. (Nationals are offered on even years… Example 2018/2020/2022 etc…)

Optional performance opportunities throughout the season – We may choose to participate in will be posted as they become available. Liberty Belles Showcase, Wentzville’s Wabash Days, Wentzville’s Fourth of July Parade, Holt H.S. Exhibition, Wentzville October Fest, Cardinal Game, Riverfront Dance Festival, Dance St. Louis etc…
COSTUMES: $60 per costume, per routine. Costume payment is due by November 15th.You may make payments before this date if you choose. We will let you know if we are going to re-use a costume when we send out the audition invitation.

SHOES: Once costumes are selected we will let you know the style, brand and color of shoes you will need for each routine. The type of shoe may not be the same as your weekly class and must be purchased by the end of October.
PROPS: There may be a small charge if props are going to be used for a dance. (About $10 – $20 per student) TEAM JEWELRY / ACCESSORIES: Required to be purchased through studio. Earrings and Fishnet tights (the fishnet are only required for some routines.) Each item runs between $5-$15 (We may also add jewelry pieces if the costume calls for it.) Earrings and fishnet tights are the same as last year, so if you still have yours you don’t need to purchase new, but please keep your jewelry clean of make-up and hairspray.

MAKE-UP: The Starz Dance Team wears specific make-up and eyelashes to match on stage. This list will be released at the start of the season. To keep things affordable items can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc
FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES To defray some of the cost to your competition entry fees.

DANCE TEAM EXPECTATIONS: You are expected to be ON TIME, stretched, in proper attire, have proper shoes on, hair up and be ready to work hard at all rehearsals! Proper Dress Attire: Solid colored pink camisole/tank, sports bra or leotard with black booty shorts and tan tights. (Sr & Jr students may wear black leggings.) If proper attire is not worn there will be an automatic $10 charge. You are expected to be respectful to all teachers, classmates, studio members, parents and outside competitors.

ABSENTEE: NO MORE THAN 2 ABSENCES ARE ALLOWED DURING THE ENTIR DANCE TEAM SEASON. If you will be absent you MUST TEXT (NOT TELL) TEXT Ms. Andrea ahead of time. No one is allowed to miss the 2 weeks prior to a competition unless it has been approved by the instructor! IF YOU ARE ABSENT OR LATE TO MORE THAN 2 REHEARSALS, not including the 2 allowed misses, YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED A $30 FEE. THE INSTRUCTOR MAY REQUEST FOR YOU TO TAKE A PRIVATE LESSON IN WHICH THE $30 FEE WOULD COVER THE COST OF THE PRIVATE LESSON. If you do not TEXT Ms. Andrea prior to the missed class there will also be a $10 no show/no text fee. If you miss more than 2 rehearsals you may be removed from the team or may jeopardize your position in the dance formation. It is not fair to those who do arrive on time, prepared and present each week. We use every minute of rehearsal time to prepare for competition, so if you miss any of that time, you miss out on important details. We do not know the exact time or day each routine will be competing. You must be available each MANDATORY competition date that is listed. No refunds on competition fees after the required paid date.