Admission is free to the general public. Doors will open exactly 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled act each day.

Parking: There is a $15.00 per day parking garage attached to the Scottish Rite via skywalk, which can be accessed from 3634 Olive St. or you can utilize street parking.

*ABSOLUTLEY NO personal videography or photography is permitted during a performance. Failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification, BTS reserves the right to have anyone violating this rule removed from the facility.

Absolutely no food, drinks or smoking (vaping) is allowed in the theater. There will be food served in the cafeteria on the lower level. Outside food can be brought into this area as well. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK IN COSTUME!

Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited on the premises.

We will not know until arrival on Friday if the dressing rooms are assigned.  These are girls only rooms. No men/fathers allowed. The boys will have a separate designated dressing room.

All participating teachers, dancers and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship. Failure to comply could result in immediate disqualification and loss of privileges to participate in future  competitions. Please be polite to other competitors as well as the competition staff. Join us in cheering for not only our Starz performers but all competition participants. 🙂